About Kuala Rompin


The small town of Kuala Rompin is located at the Rompin river estuary in Pahang state of Peninsular Malaysia. Once a sleepy fishing village, today you can find convenience shops, 7-11, and even Pizza Hut, Kentucky fried chicken and nice beach front hotels and also a 18 hole golf course! The town is quiet and relaxing and the locals are very friendly, street crime is non-existent, Rompin is a very safe place to visit for you and your family. There is no night life as such - no bars or clubs - but the Chinese owned restaurants do sell beer and there is a liquor-wine shop located next to the DIY shop on the main road.

East to Rompin is one of the world’s oldest rainforest, the Endau Rompin national park. This jungle has many hidden flora and fauna including the endangered Malaya rhinoceros, Malay sun bear, Malay Tapir and Tiger.

Fishing charters in Rompin, started back in the mid-90s and it was not until the end of the 90s it became clear that the place was a fantastic destination for Sailfish. Today Rompin is world famous for its Sailfish fishing. Kuala Rompin is situated near the equator belt as such abundant sunshine and warm weather and calm seas make Rompin perfect for offshore game fishing. Temperature in Rompin can hit high of 35 Celsius during the day and low of 25 Celsius at night.

There are two monsoon seasons: Southwest and Northeast. The Southwest monsoon is from May to September but it does not affect Rompin coast much as we are sheltered by the mountain range. Mid November to March is the start of the Northeast monsoon. This monsoon wind is particularly very strong and often brings strong rainfall to the west side of Malaysia. This season is not recommended for fishing in Rompin due to strong wind and choppy Sea condition.