Sailfish fishing in Kuala Rompin

Sailfishing season in Rompin begins in March and ends 1st of November. Mid November to mid Feb is the period of the Northeast monsoon in Rompin. This monsoon wind often brings strong rainfall and this season is not recommended for fishing in Rompin due to strong wind and choppy condition. The Sailfish fishing area is in 80-100ft depth, relatively shallow water and a short run from the jetty. The fishing day normally starts with jigging with Sabiki feathers for live bait to fill up the live bait tank.

Balloon drifting with live bait is the preferred fishing method here as this is the most effective way of catching Sails in huge numbers. Slow trolling with live bait is also very productive and sight and cast, lure and bait switching, casting stick or popper surface lures, saltwater fly fishing are other methods often used here for catching Sailfish. The waters off Rompin are world renowned for flyfisherman who wish to experience landing a Sailfish on a flyrod. We troll teasers to raise the Sails to the fly. Our hook-less daisy-chain teasers are effective in making the Sails aggressive and bringing them to within the casting range of our guests. Oftentimes the Sails become so aggressive that they can be teased all the way to the boat. The number of raised Sailfish per day here, will probably be higher than anywhere else in the world.

We will supply light and medium trolling, spin, jigging, bottom and fly fishing tackle to include TFO Lefty Kreh Bluewater Series Sailfish fly rods, Danielsson Control Infinity anti-reverse, state of the art saltwater fly reels, Sailfish fly fishing teasers and custom tied Sailfish tube flies with Cam Sigler popper heads, circle and J-hooks, surface lures, leaders, sabiki feathers, sinkers, Sampo Ball Bearing Snap Swivels, pliers and rod belts at no extra cost, everything is provided so you don't need to bring anything. The Rods and Reels we use are quality brands…. Shimano, Daiwa, Penn and Tiburon. All our reels are loaded with fresh Suffix mono or braid. We maintain our fishing equipment to the highest standards. Below is a simple guideline for tackle suitable for Rompin fishing if you like to bring your own rods & reels:

  • Stand-up trolling or boat rod 20-30lbs class with matching conventional trolling reel that holds min 400 meter of line.
  • 6-7 ft. spinning - jigging outfit 12-16 lbs. class for bait catching, jigging and bottom fishing.
  • One extra 7 ft. heavy spinning outfit 20-30 lbs. class for surface popper casting or sight casting for Sailfish.
  • Class 13-15 fly rod with matching reel with a good break system, filled with min 400 meters of 30lb. backing, Sailfish flies and leaders.

It is advisable to carry high UVA / UVB waterproof sun crème and good quality polarised sunglasses during the trip. Fishing hats should be worn at all times during exposure to sun.